Avee Music player – The Free And Ultra Lightweight King player


Avee Music player:- We all do know that sometimes storage can be an issue in devices, Especially Smartphones As we all know even video and audio players take up a lot of unnecessary storage of the device, Thus today we will be talking about its resolution and what can be done in such cases And thus the name of the application that we will be talking about today is none other than Avee Music player.


What Exactly is Avee Music player?

Avee music player is an amazingly light and easy to use Music player, As this music player takes minimum storage space And here you can use browser exploring And editing the music audio such as adding equalizers and also this app can support Video playback, Now isn’t that astonishing. And the most important factor is that this app is completely Free to use.

And A vast number of features lie within this application of Avee, So lets talk about them as well:-

The Features of the Great Avee Music player:-


  • Very and very Lightweight:- The Avee App Is very lightweight and the size of this rebel application is just below a mere 5 MB, and the features are uncountable thus it is amazing at all sides.
  • Supporting most of the amazing Media formats:- Be it Mp3, Wav or any other Media Format, This Amazing audio player supports most of the media formats that are out there.
  • Shortcuts to Browsing folders:- You can very easily access Browser folders by many shortcut methods of this app or just simply search on the search bar.
  • Special Lock Screen Accessibility:- You can play and control the music while the screen is locked as well.
  • Special Sleeping Timer:-You can put on a timer for an estimate timing when you fall asleep and the App will automatically stop music around that time.
  • Customize the EQ of the music:-You can very easily customize the equalizer during and while playing music.
  • Supported HD Video player:- This app also supports HD video player of 1920×1080 resolution.
  • Search Library in storage as well as Sd card:- The library has advanced search for searching for media files from both Sd card as well as internal Storage.

FAQ’s (Facts and Questions) On Avee Music player:-

Q1. Is Avee player free to use?

ans- Yes, The music player of Avee is completely Free of cost for all and everyone who use it.

Q2. Where can i get this app from?

Ans- You can easily find this application on the Google Playstore.



So, In our eyes if you face a lot of storage and other types of issues then the best application that you need is for sure Avee Music player as this app is very light weight and also features video playing that makes it up for all the storage issues and at the same time you can also edit audios by maximizing their Eq and much more thus this makes the app an extravagant application, Thus being free And having all these other features makes sure that one shall definitely have thus app on their devices.