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WeChat for Android:- There are many messaging apps that are available on the App store as well as the google playstore, Many apps that come with various features and they are freely available, And the most popular one being the Whatsapp that has been dominated the world and is now owned by facebook, But today we will be talking about a messaging app that is different and one of a kind, An app that is loaded with some of the finest features that are not at all comparable to any other app in the market, And most of all an app that is totally free of cost as well,

WeChat for Android

So let us get started and get to know about the WeChat for Android and learn how to download and install it as well.

About the WeChat for Android, All about it :-

The WeChat for Android is a freely available Chinese Instant messaging app that is a lot more than any random app, This app allows the users to send instant messages, have a social media interface and also make quick payments with the help of Wechat pay, This app is a tremendous app that is a must have in today’s modern life and especially if you are in China then this app is the one that you surely need.

The WeChat for Android was first released and launched on 21st January 2011 and it is a part of the tencent holdings limited. This app is quite ravishing and it is available on Windows, iOS as well as android platforms and over all this app is available in literally 17 languages that is what makes it so special and one of a kind. This app is extremely radiant, Unique and one of a kind, It is really alluring as well.

Wechat is a total freeware app and platform and today we will be learning how to download and install this amazing app on your device for Free of cost so let us now begin with the wide range of features that it has to offer to us :-

The Features of the Astounding WeChat for Android :-

  • It is Free to use for all :- The WeChat for Android is a totally free to use app that is loaded with some dope features, This app is a really extravagant and cool app that allows the users to share and exchange messages with each other with quick span of seconds.
  • It allows the users to send quick and instant messages :- The great perk about this app is that the messages are really fast and you can communicate with your friends, family as well as peers without having to spend on message packs and all that you need is some internet.
  • Takes least data :- Another great fact about this ravishing app is that it does not take any data at all, at max if you use the app for entire day you will burn max to max 10 MB via texting anyone and that is what makes this app a lot data friendly and amazing.


  • allows the users to make video calls :- Another great thing is that this app allows the users to also make video calls at just 3 MB per minute that is quite amazing and thus they can very easily save a lot of data without having to worry about anything at all.
  • Share stories like social media :- Now share stories with your friends and families and use the moments platform of wechat just like your any other social media be it Instagram or Facebook.
  • A legit payment method known as Wechat pay :- Now you can be worry free about making cash payments as the Wechat pay comes with QR code scan payment methods, And this online instant money transfer portal allows the users to send anyone money within a span of second with the help of either their phone number or QR code and that is what makes this messaging app even better in all aspects and avenues.
  • A great user interface :- The UI also known as user interface is really nicely put together and gives this app a sensible way of usage and the users can enjoy every perk of this app without having to worry about anything at all.
  • Make new friends on this platform :- Users can now also make new friends and meet new people with the help of the social Wechat moments platform.
  • And other cool features as well :- And a wide range of other astounding and surreal features that surely help the users get a very aesthetic and tremendous feel of the app.

Conclusion on the WeChat for Android :-


The WeChat for Android is a great app that is a toll for all the Messaging apps in the market, This app surely makes it certain that the users get all the benefits of a superb app and at the same time save a lot of money as well on data.

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