How to Download Picasa For Your Personal Computer


Download Picasa :- Picasa is known to be one of the most amazing and greatest Photo organizer of all time along with being an image viewer, The app and web version of Picasa were discontinued on 2016, though you might be able to find the Apk on Softonic or at other platforms. This platform was made to share photos, View them and even organize them and it was created in 2002 by Lifeware and in 2004 the company was Bought by Google Inc. and the app was named after Spanish painter whose name was Pablo Picasso. The app was a never ending hit, but in 2016 it was discontinued and Google Photos was introduced on its behalf.


Platforms on Which Picassa Works still :-

Picassa worked and used to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and also Windows 7 And for Mac it used to run on Mac OS X and for old Linux versions as well.

Though the service officially has been closed and discontinued on may 1st 2016, People were unable to get the Download Picasa but many can still find the Apk and use the app conveniently according to their preference but no online saving and Cloud saving will happen here now.

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Functions and the Must know Features of Download Picasa For PC:-


  • The app was Free to use :- People could easily Download Picasa and it was pretty easy as the app was easily found in google playstore or even the apple appstore and others could just simply use the web version, tho after discontinuing of the app, you can still find it for Free on softonic website and some other platforms and enjoy the legendary Photo organizer app for Free and that too within less than 20 MB.
  • It Came with Free storage up- to 15 GB :- The app itself sizes about 20 MB at max, but it allows users to save 15 GB of Photos and videos of all types and with the help of Picassa as you can Download Picasa, and you could easily save them (photos and videos) on the Cloud and view them with your preference.
  • It allowed users to Organize and arrange their photos :- As you get the Picasa on your PC, you can easily Download photos, arrange them and even organize them, as this app had it all that the users needed to fulfill their needs.
  • It was the first app to use AI in their photo system :- This app was sported by AI system and people could easily enjoy its features to the fullest with high Tech organizing.
  • Save HD photos in it as well :- Saved photos in HD.
  • Had a Great user interface :- Had an amazing and stylish user interface.
  • Watch the photos in Full screen:- The photos in this app can be easily seen in full-screen along with zooming options.
  • And even more .

Steps to Download Picasa for PC :-

  1. Open your Web Browser.
  2. Now open The and then choose the version that you wish to Download.
  3. Now as you choose the version, click on it and then you will be redirected to Download page.
  4. Click on the Green button and let it Download on your PC.
  5. After the Picasa App gets Downloaded, then Run it and accept the terms and conditions and install it on PC.
  6. That’s it now enjoy the app.

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