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Youtube App:- We all very well know about Youtube, As everyday these days we tend to watch videos online on the platform of Youtube, Let’s take a little insight onto it,

So basically Youtube is a California Based Platform for Video and content sharing, This app was basically Designed and made by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim and in the year of 2006 The application was bought by Google for a whooping price of 1.65 Billion Dollars.


So that’s basically the Insight of the amazing Youtube and now lets head on the features of its Amazing Application that is available for Smartphone devices:-

The Features of The Amazing Youtube App:-


  • A Platform That is Free For all:- The youtube platform is legitimately Free for everyone, And viewing content over the internet has never been this much fun Before Youtube.
  • View Content from all around the world:-You can literally sit at your home in one corner of the world and easily browse through the entire universe by just browsing videos over the Youtube platform.
  • Save Videos to watch them later:-The best Feature of Youtube App is that You can easily download and save videos to watch them later offline at your comfort and this is very useful if you want to save Internet data charges, Just simply download Videos when you are around a Wifi and then watch them later as per your comfort.
  • Like videos to create a playlist:- You can easily Like various videos and create a lot of playlists to watch from.
  • Subscribe to support a Creator:- By subscribing and liking the videos of various creators you can show your love and respect to them.
  • Express yourself By commenting:- You can easily Express your own self by commenting over the internet and expressing your own words.
  • Tremendous User interface:- The Youtube App is amazing and you can easily enjoy a very amazing user interface while using it.
  • Upload your videos and express yourself:- Youtube App also has the feature to upload your own videos, And there is not much that you need, as all you need is just a smartphone with a decent camera and you too can become a famous Youtuber.
  • Faster and efficient:- The app takes less data and is more faster and efficient.



SO, In our words The Youtube app is hands down the best application over the entire internet to watch videos from all around the world, as basically the content and features are unlimited and other than that the app has a lot of new features upcoming as well, such as new shows and exclusive youtube Premium content that a user can not find anywhere, Makes the users buy the premium version and use the app a lot more, and the app also has many schemes for Users who want to buy premium such as Student version etc etc.

FAQ’s On Youtube App (Facts and questions)

Q1. Is youtube app free to use?

Ans- Yes, the app as well as the website of youtube is completely Free to use.

Q2, Where is the Youtube app available?

Ans- It is available on most platforms such as Ios app store and Google playstore.

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